Jyotiṣa-Vāstu Consultant, student of Pt. Sanjay Rath, since 2015, studying PJC, JSP, MSP. Ritu Khurana is professionally working as a Jyotish- Vāstu consultant and practitioner at New Delhi. Her journey as a seeker of Vedic knowledge started in 2008 when she learned Reiki and had joined the Indian Council of Astrology Services. Since then, she has had the opportunity of learning the various aspects in the discipline of Vāstu and Jyotish. In 2015, she joined the Parāśara Jyotish Course conducted by Guru ji Pt. Sanjay Rath. Later, she became a part of the Course on Jaimini Maharṣi Sutra and Mantra Shasta Programme as well. Email: ritukhurana211@gmail.com

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