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Pandit Sanjay Rath

Jyotiṣa Guru. Pt. Sanjay Rath belongs to a traditional family of astrologers from Bira Balabhadrapur Sasan village of Puri, Orissa, which trace their lineage back to Shri Achyuta Das (Sri Achyutananda). His grandfather, the late Pandit Jagannath Rath, was the Jyotish Ratna of Orissa and authored many books on Jyotish. Pt Rath is the teacher …

Sarbani Rath

Jaimini Scholar, Jyotiṣa Pandita, JSP & PJC Mentor, President, Sri Jagannath Centre. She started learning Vedic Astrology since 2001 from Pt. Sanjay Rath and now teaches extensively in the Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course and in the Jaimini Scholar Programme.  She regularly lectures at international astrological conferences and consults globally. Sarbani is a faculty member of the …

Sat Siri Khalsa

Vedic astrologer! Jaimini Scholar, ICAS Jyotish Medhā Pragya.  Actively teaching, counselling, consults on Ayurveda, spirituality, financial markets, business, and relationships.   Harvard honours grad, former VP of US Council of Vedic Astrology, Kundalini Yoga teacher.  Course, Introduction to Vedic Astrology, and advanced classes.  Recent webinar:  Magic Prism at Email: